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>Josep Oriol López Plana
Environmental Engineer

Environmental scientist specialized in biodiversity, ecosystem services and oceanography. He has direct experience in research at the Natural Radioactivity Lab (Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona), at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (US Department of Commerce) and at the Western Australia Fisheries. He has participated in several oceanographic cruises and collaborated with different research institutes. During the last 5 years he has been working for adding value to the oil and gas industry by mitigating impacts to biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Tipo de participación en el congreso
Actividad: TF-10
Ponencia: Jerarquía de mitigación: Identificación de impactos / Servicios ecosistémicos   [resumen ponencia]
Actividad: GT-9
Ponencia: La Jerarquía de Mitigación como buena práctica en la identificación y gestión de impactos sobre biodiversidad y servicios de los ecosistemas